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Production process of FRP products-澳门赌场娱乐城

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  The curing process of glass fiber reinforced plastics can increase the strength by more than 10%. Vacuum curing is one of the effective ways to improve the strength of FRP products. Products in the manufacturing process, there are still some residual solvents and other low molecular weight, can not be completely removed under atmospheric pressure.

  Hinder the bonding of resin and glass fiber, thus affecting the strength of FRP products. The vacuum curing method can make the low molecular weight more volatile, and make the glass fiber reinforced plastic products more compact. Therefore, the strength of the container can be improved.

  The curing agent in the binder should be less volatile under the condition of reducing pressure, otherwise it will lead to excessive loss of curing agent, curing the product is not complete, but reduce the intensity.

  The process of the detection process inspection is verified according to the production process, inspection process inspection system since the implementation of mutual inspection, products in every step of mixing the ingredients and lining, winding, trimming, demoulding, by the operator to implement self-test, and by the next step of the procedure for inspection, inspection is the main content of appearance and size. Fill in the inspection process and product structure inspection records, a record of each piece of product, product number and process inspection record number corresponding to each other.

  The final acceptance procedures for the acceptance, should be the main test is whether the smooth surface of the glass steel products, no impurities, no fiber exposed, no visible visual crack, no scratches, white and layered; outer surface should be smooth, no fiber exposed, no air bubbles and serious uneven color.

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