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Use of glass fiber reinforced plastic products-澳门博彩有限公司

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  Glass fiber reinforced plastic products

  Glass fiber reinforced plastic products are widely used, can be used to replace some of the ideal materials of metal and plastic, not only can save metal resource consumption, reduce the plastic pollution caused by degradation. In the countryside, the rainproof cover made of glass steel, the use of performance comparable to plastic, the service life is greatly increased.

  Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is a kind of composite material which has developed rapidly in the past fifty years. 70% of the output of glass fiber is used to make frp. Glass fiber reinforced plastic is much higher than steel. It can be used as a fuel tank and pipeline to reduce the weight of an airplane. Glass fiber reinforced plastic products processing easy, stainless steel is not bad, no paint. Our country has been widely used in glass steel manufacturing all kinds of small boats, boats, yachts, and automobile manufacturing, save a lot of steel. Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is a kind of composite material and its performance is very wide, so it has a broad market prospect.

  FRP storage tank uses: widely used in coatings, medicine, building materials, chemicals, pigments, resins, food, scientific research and other industries;

  The use of FRP pipe: urban water supply, municipal water supply and drainage, agricultural irrigation and other industries.

  Application field of glass fiber reinforced plastic products

  Construction industry: cooling tower, glass steel doors and windows New, building structure, building envelope, interior decoration, equipment and glass steel plate, corrugated tile, decorative panels, sanitary ware and bathroom, sauna, surfing the whole bathroom, construction formwork, storage building, and the solar energy utilization device etc..

  Chemical industry: corrosion resistant pipe and tank storage tank, corrosion resistant pump and its accessories, corrosion resistant valves, grille, ventilation facilities, and sewage and waste water treatment equipment and accessories etc..

  The automobile and the railway transportation industry: automobile shell and other parts, plastic miniature cars, large passenger car body shell, door, board, column, floor, bottom beam, bumper, instrument panel, vans, and fire tankers, refrigerated vehicles, tractor cab and machine cover etc.;

  Auto parts (3 pieces)

  Railway transportation, train, car frame bending plate, roof water tank, toilet floor, baggage car door, door, roof ventilator, refrigerated storage tank, and some railway communication facilities; in highway construction, traffic signs, road signs, isolation pier, highway guardrail etc..

  Transport boats and water: inland passenger ship, fishing boats, hovercraft, yachts, rowing, high-speed boats, rescue boats, boat traffic, and navigation floating glass steel drum and mooring buoy etc..

  Industrial electrical and Communications Engineering: arc equipment, cable protection tube, generator stator coil and a support ring and a conical shell, insulating tube, insulating rod, motor retaining ring, high voltage insulator, standard capacitor shell casing, motor cooling generator, windshield plate devices; distribution box and distribution plate, insulating shaft. Fiber glass and other electrical equipment; electronic engineering, printed circuit board, antenna, radome application etc..

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