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Principle of cooling tower-澳门威尼斯人网上赌场

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  1 cooling tower circulating water system must be a certain amount of surplus energy (20%-25%), at the time of the operation of the energy gathered in a valve at the same time, these energies will flow freely. External turbine is the use of these surplus energy into efficient mechanical energy, thus replacing the cooling tower fan motor to achieve the purpose of saving electricity 100%.

  How the 2 external turbine can achieve the key driving efficiency of the motor is: surplus energy design of cooling tower circulating water system, and turbine impeller design machine is the key component of surplus energy, mainly consists of the following 6 parts:

  1) the residual value must be considered in the design of circulating water system;

  2) potential energy utilization of heat exchanger;

  3) the self regulating ability of the turbine;

  4) kinetic energy conversion efficiency of circulating water system;

  5) when the valve is not in place, the energy consumed by the valve.

  6) low flow meets the requirements of the system by merging and re shunting.

  3 cooling tower old tower energy saving transformation

  Between the cooling tower and heat exchanger by the pump to drive turbine cycle, external use can return pressure to convert the drive turbine to work to drive the fan, generally in accordance with the three cooling towers do energy-saving design, when the flow rate is larger than the actual amount at around 60%, taking into account the needs of production changes, energy saving method is: two towers for the turbine drive, a tower for motor drive in the summer time standby, schematic diagram

  4 cooling Taxinta design

  The main work of the external water turbine is to return the water pressure or return water flow to meet the work ability of the turbine driven fan. The external turbine speed according to the change of system flow, the system three sets of external turbine cooling tower turbine tower through a water outlet pipe three, through the bypass valve flow adjustment and easy maintenance.

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