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Product structure of cooling tower-澳门百家乐

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  External type turbine cooling tower as the name suggests, the main equipment is installed in the cooling tower outside

  Surface water turbine. The main components of the external water turbine are 304# stainless steel impeller, 316L stainless steel main shaft and the main spiral case. The guide vane is an important component of energy conversion. When the circulating water enters the impeller, the flow is generated by the impeller. Turbine foundation for the upper and lower two 900*900 steel plate with double bolt adjustable position (easy maintenance). The turbine weight design and traditional motor weight similarity matching windmill reducer transmission soft connection etc..

  External cooling tower turbine, as installed in the cooling tower outside the motor position, without any limitations of space, impeller external turbine diameter, number and shape and angle according to the actual situation, increase the torque amplification design to improve the conversion efficiency. Different flow, pressure system design, to achieve the most perfect ratio of transmission conversion, cooling tower fan speed is greater than or equal to the original motor driven fan speed. External type turbine snail shape, the effect of bionics snail shaped to reduce the impact and vibration rate of circulating water.

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