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Features of cooling tower-澳门好博彩

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  Reliable: unique, rational design of an external turbine, installed outside cooling tower, easy maintenance and maintenance, and the traditional cooling tower motor, gear box, cancel the mechanical noise and the fault rate of the traditional motor, stable operation, high reliability.

  Cooling effectiveness: the cooling system will change with the change of seasons. The unique design of the external water turbine three brake valve so that the speed of the fan with the increase or decrease of circulating water flow increases, the air flow will also increase or decrease, so that the cooling tower gas

  Than in the best state to achieve the best operating results;

  Environmental protection: external hydraulic turbine to replace the motor, reduce mechanical noise and vibration, reduce user energy.

  Energy saving: make full use of the circulating water system return water pressure into mechanical energy, external hydraulic turbine instead of motor drive, to achieve 100% energy saving.

  Safety: to fundamentally eliminate the motor, electric control and electric leakage burn damage, for the safe operation of the protection, can be in any need of explosion-proof environment safe operation.

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