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Cooling tower-澳门永利开户
Detailed description:-澳门永利开户


  Qinyang Hengji Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the production of large and medium-sized enterprises senior FRP cooling tower, glass steel pipes; in the continuous development of technology and equipment, production capacity is always combined with the market, the formation of the current product range, strong technical force, the market performance of science and technology enterprises. The company covers an area of 45 thousand square meters, the registered capital of 20 million yuan; mainly engaged in production and sales of glass steel products, large and medium sized glass steel cooling tower, spray pipeline, FRP flue, wind wall dust, large vertical and horizontal steel glass containers, cooling tower core materials, platinum cloth, air conditioning system, coal yard spray and micro power filter device, installation of steel structure production, the annual production of glass steel cooling tower, glass steel pipes, the mechanism of spray pipeline, PVC packing tower, core plastic material, SMC molding, fire proof material, inorganic glass steel cable tray, cable tray and hair dryer and other products of 15 series more than 360 kinds of specifications and anti-corrosion insulation engineering construction.

  The company's existing staff of 308 people, including 11 senior titles, intermediate grade 40, 60 junior titles and technical personnel, a total of 35 people; covering machinery, chemical, thermal, meteorology, air power, water supply and drainage, mechanical structure, engineering plastics, electrical automation, computer and other related professional; equipped with a number of knowledge and, together, in the full vigour of life culture, unity of the management team, formed a management mechanism in the development, production, supply and sales.

  Our company attaches great importance to update technology and equipment to enhance, in recent years has invested more than 1400 yuan from the imported glass steel spraying machine, coating machine, coating machine, RTM injection of MICRO polyurethane foaming machine, casting machine, FRP GRP pipe winding production line, SMC BV, SN forming device, large and medium vacuum STSZ pultrusion machine, production line, WG-80A.200 injection molding equipment, plastic calendering production line and the purchase of domestic well-known manufacturers of high automation production equipment more than and 300 sets; with modern office facilities and improve the physical and chemical properties testing, test methods, and simulation test device, ensure the production efficiency and product quality stability.

  The friends from all walks of life support, Henderson company has made some achievements in the past ten years; in order to promote themselves and repay the society with excellent performance to all users, Henderson Company solemn promise: to continue adhering to the "rigorous, self-discipline, diligent and pragmatic" business philosophy in the future and in accordance with the "scientific management as the foundation, the project development center, advanced technology and improve the efficiency for the development of policy objective", follow the "first-class quality, first-class products, first-class management, first-class service" quality objectives "and users in my heart" service tenet, send an excellent customer service service team tour around the country to provide, Months and years pass by., satisfied with the quality of products and services for users!

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